Key Points:

da gen v2

  • Anodic oxidation splits water molecules into free radicals
  • Free radicals are a highly efficient oxidant that disinfects water in seconds
  • Because free radicals break down quickly, the DA-GEN also produces small amounts of chlorine to guarantee residual disinfection
  • The DA-GEN controls and monitors your pool water treatment
  • In combination with DAISY, we produce pool water in drinking water quality!


How does the DA-GEN work?

For hydrolytic cleavage of water molecules to free radicals and production of the appropriate amount of free chlorine, we require water with a certain conductivity. Conductivity depends on the quantity of minerals in the water (TDS).
The lower the conductivity, the more free radicals and other oxygen compounds and the fewer chlorine atoms are produced. As we want to maximise the production of free radicals and minimise the production of chlorine for residual disinfection, we maintain water conductivity at the lowest possible level. With a conductivity of only 1.0 – 1.5 mS, the DA-GEN will produce enough free radicals as well as enough chlorine for residual disinfection.
Instead of using regular salt (NaCl), we recommend the use of the Dryden Aqua Activator based on Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2). Our Activator not only raises conductivity to the desired level, it also improves filtration and assists in removal of phosphates from the water. Phosphates are required for algae and bacteria to feed. Only 1kg of DA-GEN Activator per cubic metre of pool water volume is required. This small amount also ensures that chloride levels remain below 600ppm, the corrosion limit for V4A (316) stainless steel. In order to properly manage this process, the DAGEN should always be used in conjunction with automated free chlorine and pH control. Only then, appropriate disinfection with a minimum of free chlorine of 0.1 mg/l can be assured.

All DA-GENs are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, enabling monitoring and surveillance of pool water quality 24/7.



DAISY+ consists of 4 steps:

  1. Best filtration performance with bio-resistant filter media AFM®: The performance of AFM® is at least twice as good as sand.
  2. APF and ZPM guarantee best coagulation and flocculation. In combination with AFM® we achieve a particle removal to 0.1 micron.
    Everything that is filtered out doesn’t need to be oxidised.
  3. Increasing of the disinfection power of the sun: ACO generates free radicals using the natural UV light of the sun. It therefore reduces the need for chlorine further. In addition, ACO protects chlorine from photo-oxidation of the sun, increasing the half-life of chlorine by a factor of 4.
  4. Advanced oxidation with DA-GEN: Disinfection with free radicals and a minimum of free chlorine for residual disinfection.

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