TV report about a big project in Koszalin

  A very interesting TV-report about a big water park in Koszalin, Poland, which is running now with a whole DAISY System.

  This project was realised by our Distributor in Poland, Firma Mazur.

  Congratulations for this big success!





EMEC award

We are very proud to announce that the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) announced Dryden Aqua as the winner of their Environmental Technology Verfification (ETV) competition. This award was launched by Scotland's Energy Minister.

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AFM® has the potential to be a disruptive technology. Our filter media will more than double the performance of any drinking water system simply by replacing the sand in the filter. AFM® also has the benefit that it is a lower cost and a more sustainable process than any other form of water treatment. Once AFM® is in a filter, it should never need to be changed. [...] Verification of AFM® via EMEC’s ETV programme will allow us to enter the drinking water market more effectively, and much quicker, so we can bring clean and safer water to more people. In the developing world this means we could eliminate up to 80% of all disease and save lives.” - CEO Dryden Aqua, Dr. Howard Dryden


We want to thank EMEC for their confidence in us and their supporting of innovative Environmental Technologies.

Click here for the full press release from EMEC.

Guests from all over the world

A number of customers and business partners from around the world have recently visited our state-of-the-art AFM® production facility in Edinburgh, Scotland. They can watch the AFM® production and activation process first hand, from the moment the raw glass is brought in all the way to the bagging and loading for transportation. Here a few impressions from a group from Vietnam:




Dryden Aqua enters the pool-market in Asia

picture1If you see a beam of light through the water, the water contains particles that will be dead as well as living bacteria. The pool is not safe. Photo: Skypool Marina Bay Sands 21/5/15


Dryden Aqua has joined the SPLASH ASIA (pool show) in Singapore. Everything in Singapore is impressive: The skyline, the  hotels, the technology, the architecture. Everything is big and of a high quality - the best of the best; everything but the pool water treatment! We were shocked to see the low standards of pool water treatment - even in the best hotels.

At night, you should not be able to see a beam of light shining through the water. If you can see the light beam this means there are small particles of dead bacteria and bits of bacteria in the water. Especially for children and women there is a high risk of catching serious diseases, eye and ear infections. According to medical doctors in Singapore many women are affected by gynaecological infections. Clearly this is not acceptable; definitely not for a society like the Singaporians who are proud to be the quality leaders in the region.