Successful Piscine Global Lyon

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As usual Dryden Aqua had a stand at the Piscine Global in Lyon. During the four exhibition days we had the possibility to welcome a lot of our existing customers and suppliers, but we also had the chance to present our products and our philosophy to a lot of new pool builders, distributors, architects, planners and other interested persons from the whole world. 

After the long exhibition days, we took the possibility to enjoy the exquisite "French cuisine" together with our customers in the city center in Lyon.

Black algae in swimming pools

Report from Dr. Howard Dryden

black algae

Black algae are not actually algae, but bacterium with photosynthetic pigment, the group or Phylum are referred to as Cyanobacteria, and while they are not normally pathogenic, they can be extremely toxic and are linked to neurological disease as well as sensitised skin reactions.

Black algae in a swimming pool are therefore not only unsightly, contact with it can be dangerous. A common Cyanobacteria in swimming pools is a Phormidiaceae for which there are many different species.  The size of the bacterium ranges from 0.5 microns to 60 microns, and is the largest Prokaryote cell (cells with no nucleus or internal membranes). The bacterium also forms chains and mats that give the appearance of a black mat or stain on concrete as well as the tiles and most especially the grout between the tiles.

Understanding what the bacterium requires from the environment is a key to understand how to deal with the problem in swimming pools.

Distributor Meeting in Edinburgh and DA-GEN training in Switzerland

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In the last months we had two very important and interesting Meetings with our pool distributors.

Beginning of September we had our annual Distributor Meeting in Edinburgh. Normally we have this Meeting before the exhibitions - but this year we invited all our european distributors from the pool industry to Edinburgh. In the morning we had the possibility to make a tour through the brand new and very sophisticated AFM factory. Additional we had two very interesting sessions - one was an impressive presentation from Dr. Howard Dryden, who showed what Dryden Aqua do beside the pool industry and what we can provide for a better world - the other was an elevator-speech workshop.

The rest of the day we had our traditional Meeting with a lot of statistics, news, forecasts, but also with very helpful experience exchanges from our Distributors. In the evening we had a traditional Dinner, with good scottish music, tasty whisky and with the traditional scottisch dance "Ceilidh". The Dryden Team came traditionally with the Kilt (See picture left). Of course the most asked question was "With or without?". A question that we do not answer here.

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Two weeks later we had two DA-GEN trainings in Switzerland - one in German and one in English. After a short Marketing introduction, the main focus was to learn more about the hard- and software of the DA-GEN - how to install, how to run and how to maintain the system. 

After the very intensive afternoon we went all together for a Dinner in a local restaurant and enjoyed a great evening together. The next morning we continued our workshop and proved our learnt in a small exam. Finally we visited an exhibition pool a few steps from the Meeting room away (see picture on the right side).  

We want to thank all the participants for there attendance - it is always a pleasure to meet our "Dryden Family".

"Dryden Aqua - What we do" - New video online

We are very happy to present you our new company video. It will give you a short overview of what we do and how AFM is produced.